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"For Parents' Children, Whether 43 Or 83 Years Old Are Still Children" Rakesh Roshan Hits Back At Kangana!


It seems Hrithik and Kangana's controversy are getting worse day by day. Few days back, when Hrithik's father Rakesh Roshan supported him. Kangana hits back at him and said ,"Why can’t a 43-year-old man stand up for himself? I don’t understand why his father has to rescue him all the time."
Recently, in an interview to DNA when Rakesh Roshan was asked about Kangana's statement, he said,"I am still a working father and I proudly play an active part in my son's life. And for those who find that unacceptable, let me say that for parents’ children, whether 43 or 83 years old are still children."

He also talked about Hrithik's failure,"Hrithik has not gone through any hard times. Ups and downs are a part of every person’s life. Whatever he is doing, he is doing with a smile.”

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