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Wedding Decor: Interesting Ways to Use Umbrella In Your Decoration!


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Umbrella as a wedding decor, ahmm sounds too basic. But no we aren't talking about those black rainy umbrellas to save you from the rain. We are talking about stunning umbrella installations that makes your wedding decor look awesome and dreamy too. Umbrella decoration has become a new trend in 2016 weddings. So, here is how you can add this fairy tale prop in your wedding. 

#1 Mandap Decor
One of the cool way to use umbrella in the decor is as mandap decoration. Over time the decoration has shifted from gendha phool to paper decorations. You can use umbrella with your favourite flowers so that it compliments the scene.
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#2 As Chandeliers 
Another interesting way to use umbrella is as pretty chandeliers that steals every glance. 

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#3 As a couple prop
Another interesting way to use umbrella in your dreamy wedding is in couple shoots to ignite the romance.
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#4 Catchy Installations
Yes, using umbrellas as an installations is a smart way to catch the attentions, plus it's cheap too. 

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#5 Table  centerpieces 
You can even use these pretty lace umbrellas as table centerpieces to woo your guests.
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#6 Photo booth prop
Another way you can spice up your pictures with the bridesmaid is using umbrella as a prop. It looks so pretty.
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#7 As a Backdrop
Make your wedding straight outta fairy tale with putting an umbrella backdrop. 
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