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3 Places Where You Can Customize Kaleere For Your Wedding!


Recently we had seen lot of brides in pretty kaleere that goes so well with their lehenga, from pom-pom to jhummer to little trinkets. If you too are wondering from where did they get it, then read on as we had found some stores that let's you customize kaleere according to your need. YAY!

#1 Ra Abta 

This brand has some interesting kaleere that will surely interest all the contemporary brides, from gold plated to the pearls, you will find a great range here. And of course they do customize according to their customers need,
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Ra Abta Jewels
#2 Rasha Gota Jewellery!

From pom-pom to pretty mirror work, you can find almost every kaleere design here. Rasha Gota Jewellery is quite famous for their gota jewellery for mehendi and sangeet but they ahve a great range of design for kaleere as well. 
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#3 Mrinalini Chandra

If you are looking for some rocking kaleeras for your wedding, to make you look prettiest of all. then head straight to Mrinalini Chandra. She customizes beautiful kaleeras from parrot designs  to little flowers. 
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Mrinalini Chandra
So, what's your style of kaleera? 

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