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5 Grooming Mistake That All Grooms-To-Be Should Stop Making!


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At #Wedstreetstyle we believe in equality, though often we always talk about the bride-to-be, today we thought to include our Grooms-to-be and lighten them with the mistake they always-always make. While half of you might think that you don't need any guidance but to look as amazing as your bride you need to match her style. So, here are 5 grooming tips you need to adopt and few drop ASAP.

#1 Same old hairstyle!

We don't know why you want to sport the same old beard and hairstyle for ages. It's your wedding, go to the nearest salon ask for a look change, experiment with the latest haircut and style. Do something to impress your bride-to-be. On top of it do it for yourself, if you look good you will feel good. End of the story.

 #2 Don't overdo!

Well, remember do not opt for a drastic change in your look just before the D-day, if it doesn't look good you will surely regret it for years to come. So, remember if you want to experiment do it atleast 2-3 weeks before the wedding so that any mistakes can be corrected in the meanwhile.

#3 No Nude beard!

You aren't in school and it's not a school party, so either keep a full bear or no beard, there is no midway. The in-between look will only make you look unclean and unorganized. We are sure you don't want to ruin your wedding pictures by opting for a nude beard. 

#4 Not Shaving/trimming Chest hair

I don't know in which era Anil kapoor chest was considered manly. Here is a secret girls these days hate the chest hair, so spare your partner the horror and go trim, wax or shave your chest before you put on the sherwani. 

#5 Go for cleansing!

Remember it's not only girls who need to look good. You also need to match her in terms of look and by this we only mean, take care of your skin. If you are struggling with a serious acne problem go to the nearest salon and ask for a cleansing at least 3-4 weeks before your wedding.

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