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5 Things To Do With Your Mom Before Getting Married!


From late night talks to rushed breakfast and constant nagging to learn cooking, there is an inseparable sweet bond with Moms that never fades.  The way she brags about you in private and shows off all your big and small achievements in public. Moms are special, they know us inside out and wants always best for us. So, taking some time out from your busy shaddi schedule and spending some quality time with her. Believe us she will love it!

#1 Mini Vacation with your first best friend!

We know going on a week's vacation is just too much and can disrupt your schedule. But you can surely go on a mini vacation with your mom. Spend time with her, take her to place she always wanted to go. Spoil her, love her and pamper her. Be the friend she needs!
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#2 Cook together for the whole  family!

For once keep your phone away, don't ask google how to cook, rather ask your Mom to be the google. She may not pause, rewind or stop, but believe us the advice she will give you no google app can. Also, it will be a great memory and fun day while you both cook together.
#3 Ask her wedding stories!

There is no better thing to do then having a great talk with your mom late at night. So, straight head to her room and ask her wedding story. You will get to know another side of your mom that was hidden beneath the years of being a perfect homemaker. Also, it's great way to fight anxiety and pre-wedding jitters.
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#4 Spa Time!

After a busy week of running around to do shaddi shopping, spend a relaxing time in a spa. Enjoy massage sessions together. You both will feel rejuvenated with one trip to  the spa. And the tension lines will fade a little.
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#5 Shopping & Lunch Date!

No, no by this we don't mean the regular shaddi shopping and having a quick bite from any cafe. But a proper shopping  date like good old times that doesn't include any wedding shopping, and then have a proper lunch at her favourite place.
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Share your way of making your MOM feel special on the big day!

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