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5 Unexpected Things No One Warns You About Your Honeymoon!


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Honeymoon is the most memorable period of your life, it's special in its own sweet way. After the hectic schedule of planning your wedding, honeymoon is the relaxing time you can give yourself as Mrs, But there are not-so-happy things that no one tells you about, However, as your saviour we are here to tell you about unexpected things that often happens.

#1 Honeymoon planning fights

It happens, one of you want to visit beach while the other craves for some alone time in hills. Which will end up in major clashes between you and your  fiance. But don't panic it's normal and healthy till the time one of you agrees and concludes the fight. 

#2 You will take time to adjust and mix up!
If you had gone the traditional way of arranged marriage. it's normal to feel a bit awkward and shy. It's natural for you to take your own time to open up, after all it's the first time you are going all alone with your man. But don't worry as this is the time when you will get to know him better and develop and understanding.

#3 Be prepared for Mishaps 

There are chances that your trip won't turn up as you had planned.  The hotel you booked might not be as appealing as it was looking in the pictures, or your luggage gets mixed, anything can happen. So, don't loose your calm, it happens. Relax and believe on the fact that you 10 years down  the line, you are going to laugh on it.

#4 It will help you Bond!

This trip is special not because it's your first trip as Husband and Wife, but because its going to bring you closer  to each other. The moment you both travel as Mr. and Mrs. there is a freshness and biggest smile on your face that you can not hide. You bond with him and get to know his other side. 

#5 You both can still fight!

Yup, if you just had your fight on your honeymoon, don't panic, it's normal and it happens. You both might be lovestruck but that doesn't mean you cannot fight. You can have an argument on smallest thing and you will laugh about it the next day. So, it happens just relax.

Team #Wedstreestyle wishes all the newly couple a Happy Honeymoon!

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