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7 Common Mistakes All Couples Make While Planning Their Dream Honeymoon!


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Honeymoon is the best stress buster after months of running around for shaddi preparation, nervousness and anxiety of starting a whole new life as Mr. and Mrs. While you plan for this big exciting first vacation with your man well in advance to make things go smoothly and the way you want it to be. So, to help you out we listed out 7 mistakes almost all couple make while planning their dream honeymoon. 

#1 The Weather Condition!

One of the biggest mistake and mostly all the couples make, Like we understand you want your wedding and the honeymoon following it to be a Yash Chopra's film, but going to Switzerland in winters is a bad-bad choice, So, always check the weather condition first and then plan your honeymoon, Who wants to spend the whole 1 week trip sitting in the hotel inside doing absolutely nothing, 

#2 Last Minutes Bookings!

Remember to book  your flight tickets and hotels in advance, as last minute booking will only leave you burning a whole in your pocket, plus you won't even get the time to do the necessary research. So, be smart and invest the extra money in romantic dinner nights on the beach or shopping lavishly. 

#3 Multiple Destination

Another mistake mostly all adventure lovers make is opting for too many locations that are too far. Though exploring a completely different location with the love of your life is amazing but opting for multiple location will take away the fun and you both have to rush the things instead of enjoying the beauty of one place.

#4 Don't make it an adventure trip

Ladies! It's your honeymoon and not an adventure trip, although planning sky diving or trekking is great option to know each other better. But making your whole trip adventure sport is a no-no. You are there to have the time of your life, knowing your partner and falling in love all over again. So, plan well, and don't over exert yourself.

#5 Going of a crowded location

Here is to all those couple who are thinking of going to location filled with people, standing in a queue just to have a one minute look at the historic monument. Like really! You guys are there to have a time of your life and enjoy each other. Choose a location in which you two can take a breath and know each other better. Go for an exotic location and fall in love with him.

#6 Carry the right clothes!

Remember to keep the right clothes according to the weather. While you might want to carry flowy maxi dresses to a snowfall area and get clicked frame worthy pictures, but it will spoil your whole mood as you will get sick and regret your choice. So, carry the right clothes keeping the location and weather in mind.

#7 Planning a minute-to-minute itinerary!

It's your honeymoon and not a college trip that you both need to make a minute to minute schedule. You are there to enjoy and explore each other, so take time out for yourself and not for things, Don't make you schedule to tight that you miss the sweet moments rushing to see other things. So, don't over plan your trip that you regret later. 

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