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Bigg Boss 10: Monalisa's Boyfriend Opens Up On Her Relationship WIth Manu Punjabi!


This time the format of Bigg Boss 10 is entirely different, with Celebrities and Aam Aadmi living together under one roof! Celebrity Monalisa and Commoner Manu's sizzling chemistry has been grabbing all the attention. Bhojpuri actress Monalisa has a boyfriend who is also her fiance and they both have all plans to get married soon. But it looks like Mona's real life boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajpoot is not liking the growing intimacy and closeness between Mona and Manu.
In a recent interview to leading daily, he said,"We were supposed to get married, but now, I am confused. I know that this is all drama. Once she is out (of the house), things will get sorted. It’s not easy for me or my family to watch this. Veena Malik jaisa kuch nahin karna because the public is smart and cannot be fooled."  

Woah! Vikrant seems extremely upset with Mona. Let's see what happens in future!

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