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#BrideGuide: 5 Wedding Photographers You Must Follow On Instagram!


Wedding pictures are special as they are framed forever to show our next generation to come. It's the beginning to the most beautiful story. Every bride-to-be dreams of getting captured in the most beautiful way possible. So, if you are a bride-to-be, here are 5 wedding photographers you must follow on Instagram for some ideas, inspiration and pretties pictures.

#1 Morvi Images

Follow Morvi Images for prettiest bridal inspiration and larger than life weddings. They capture every single moment with utmost love and patience. They make any simple wedding more glamorous with just a click. 

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#2 Weddingnama

Weddingnama by Ankita and Akash is just amazing Insta account, they believe in capturing the best memories for the couple to remember forever. If you will browse through this account you will see lots of colours and happiness all around their account. That's what they are known for capturing happiness in one frame.

#3 Gautam Khullar Photography

There is something special about his click, we love the way he captures every small detail and the bridal portraits that are so beautiful. His pictures have a certain charm that no one can ignore. 

#4 Fotowalle

Fotowalle by Kanupriya & Parag is another great Insta account that a bride must follow to get inspired. They are simple in their funda of life, they captures the memories you all will gonna cherish for life. Just like their name, Fotowalle gives fun, chilled out vibes.

#5 Coolbluez Photography

At Coolbluez insta account you will find something or the other of your need. It's best for bridal inspiration and lovely pictures to fall in love with. They are expert in fun couple shoots and pretty bridal portraits and a little crazy pictures with the extended family.

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