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#BrideGuide: 7 Tips To Get The Flawless Hair On Your Wedding Day!


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As a bride we all have one dream to look drop dead gorgeous on the big day and have flawlessly gorgeous hair. After all it make us look more beautiful and pitch perfect. While other things can be overlooked, a bride's hairstyle is one thing that attracts all. So, here we are making your life little easier as always, #Wedstreetstyle team brings you 7 tips to get naturally gorgeous hair on your big day.

#1 A must have Hair Trail Run!

While most of the brides are still not open to the fact of trail runs before hitting the stage. But they forget that it's important as it will get them ready for the big day ahead. By making sure which style looks best on them and whether the hairstyle will be able to take the weight of their dupatta. You need to decide and make sure whether the style will go with your overall look. So make sure you have a trail run with your hairdresser.

#2 Go to Salon, you TRUST!

Another big mistake, don't just go to any random salon your chachi suggested you because her daughter got ready from there. Your hair can make all the difference. so stick to the salon you  trust or tried before. Take advice from the professional and do take a trail run and then book your appointment. 

#3 Create a Pinterest Board

Have a hairstyle in your mind, one you always wanted to adorn on your big day. Then do take pictures, or better just create a Pinterest board for the same, so that you have it all at one place. It will make your life much easier, as you won't be sitting on the trail all confused, just listening to your dresser. 
#4 Say 'No' to Synthetic hair extension

If you want to wear hair extension make sure it's not made up of synthetic hair, as it doesn't gives a natural look, rather it adds more volume, ruining the whole look. Also, it's high flammable, so better to avoid it then to be sorry. If you want long hair then opt for natural hair extension that doesn't look fake at all.

#5 Hair Treatment!

It's advisable to get a hair treatment as your hair will be subjected to lot of primping and preening before you hit the stage and functions followed up later. So, make sure your hair stays natural, shiny and fuss free after all the heat styling, go for a deep conditioning hair treatments. It will save you from many problems leading after it.

#6 Do Not Wash Your Hair On Wedding Day

Remember it's a mistake to wash your hair just before the wedding or the same day. Make sure you wash your hair a night before the big day so it's clean, bouncy and manageable. As washing your hair on the same day will lead to flat hair that cannot be styled as you want.
#7 Don't use lot of products!

Make sure you don't use any kind of oils or gel in your hair as your dresser is  going to use lot of products on you while styling your hair. Let your hair stay natural and dry.
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