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Finally! Deepika Padukone Opens Up About Her Rumored Cold War With Priyanka Chopra!


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Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra are two names of Bollywood that are making big in Hollywood and mesmerizing everyone around the globe with their talent and beauty. They both are different in their own beautiful way but time and again a lot of comparisons are made between these two. And constant buzz of a cold war between the two and their friendship getting soured.
In a recent interview with Vogue, when Deepika was asked about The Quantico Star Priyanka Chopra and the rumor, here is what she said:
"We have had very different beginnings. I still remember I was in school when she won Miss World! I’ve known her for many years and nothing has changed."
She also asserted:
"Everyone will have a different path and a different journey. What she wants from her career will be very different from what I want and that needs to be understood and respected."

Way to go Girl!

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