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"It Was Heartwarming To See Her Fully Pregnant" Shahid Kapoor Talks About Kareena's Pregnancy


When Shahid and Kareena parted ways everyone was shocked and fans were heartbroken but somehow the two maintained cordial relationship with each other. We always get curious as to what will happen when the two would come face to face. Few days back rumours were doing the rounds that Shahid and Kareena had recently bumped into each other at an award show and they happen to talk about their babies. How cool is that!
In an interview with Hindustan Times when Shahid was asked about their conversation. He said,"Yes, I did bump into her, and it was heartwarming to see her fully pregnant, because I’ve just been through [that experience of] having a baby. I felt happy for her." 

He also added,"I asked her when she was due, and she told me it is sometime next month. She also asked about Misha. So, it was very nice."

How Sweet!We are so glad that both have so gracefully moved and settled with new role of parenthood in their respective lives!!!

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