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Kareena Kapoor Talks About Her Pregnancy Journey And It's Inspiring!


Kareena Kapoor Khan is all set to become proud mommy next month. The beautiful actress also shot for a magazine where she can be flaunting her baby bump like a boss. In a recent interview to HT Brunch Magazine, Kareena talked about her pregnancy journey and how amazing it felt.

She said,"My pregnancy has been such a fun journey. I feel quite glamorous. I’ve been dressing up, going out, shooting, being normal. Saif keeps telling me I’ve never looked as beautiful. And that’s all any wife needs to hear, isn’t it?"

She also talked about how gender does not matter to her and Saif," The strange part is that Saif and I have never really asked ourselves whether we want a boy or a girl. It’s the first time, so we want what God has decided for us. That’s why we haven’t even thought of names, Saif loves surprises, and he likes the excitement of not knowing. So he said ‘Listen, let’s just keep it at that!"

She also said that Saif is an amazing father,"See, Saif has been a parent before. He is a father and the coolest one I know. He is amazing with his children, and they are so well brought up. I just want him to be like that with our child. I don’t know how I’m going to be as a mother. But with Saif, it’s quite strange: Saif is very spoiled, and he spoils me a lot too. But with his children, he’s very grounded. Suddenly, he is all stable-headed and becomes another person. It’s quite amazing."

She also talked about getting in shape again,"To be honest, I’m a little less nervous about the rest of my pregnancy as I am about getting back into shape. After all, I have the Size Zero tag to live up to…"

She said, "I’ve been keeping myself so busy during this pregnancy that Saif always says ‘You’ll have this baby in Mehboob Studios!’ My friends are constantly teasing me and telling me to calm down and do less. But knowing me, don’t be surprised if I head straight from the hospital to a shoot. I think I’ll definitely be fully back to work one month after my baby is born."
She is so inspiring! 

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