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Milia Removal, Tools And Treatment In Delhi


What Is Milia?

Milia, are little white or yellowish bumps that commonly appear around and under the eyes and in my case I have had alot of milium cysts under my eyes.  Milia cysts occur when keratin becomes trapped beneath the surface of the skin. For the longest, I have had milia under my eyes and though they were never itchy or painful, they never gave a good or a pleasant look! Mostly a cosmetic annoyance, milia can become difficult to remove. Keratin is a strong protein that is typically found in skin tissues, hair, and nail cells and it gets trapped thus giving the white heads that looked something like this...

Why Milia Shouldn't be removed at home!

Removing milia yourself is not like popping a pimple. Milia and pimples are different and are unrelated. While pimples release on their own, Milia is removed via unroofing. Removing it the right way is way more important than anything else. And this is exactly why I chose to work with the specialists in the field, House of Wellness at Rajouri Garden.

How Milia Was Removed, Tools & Review

Right before my Milia removal treatment, my skin was exfoliated well that was also followed by cleansing, facial and hot towel to unclog the pores.

I have been a regular at the House of Wellness and personally feel that there hasn't been anyone doing a better job with my skin than these folks who specialize in all things skin and wellness. Since the dead cell layer on top of a milium is very thin, the specialists applied a tube of anesthesia to numb my under eye area for at-least 20 mins. I was then made to relax on a bed and was treated with a sterile needle to create a tiny incision in the skin covering the cyst. This was then followed by the extraction of the milia, not causing any trauma to the skin. Honestly, I didn't feel any pain considering my skin was already numb but I could see tiny balls of dead skin being extracted out of my skin. The
all dead cells in the elevated part of the milium was removed, hence I barely felt the lancet at all. 

The process leads to removal of a very small amount of sebaceous material that emerges from the side of the milium where you have lifted the dead skin. 

The procedure is fast, painless and heals quickly. This was followed by an application of sofradox medicine for almost 3-4 days. The post care is like a regular CTM routine but the difference is stark. My skin is much more clearer, soft and without milia. 

My Recommendations

My strong warning is that if you have many milia, especially under the eyes then don't risk your skin by trying to remove it all by yourself. See a specialist, visit the best guys in the business and get an expert help. I recommend visiting the House of Wellness at Rajouri Garden.

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