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Revealed: The REAL Reason Why Shah Rukh Khan Agreed For 'Dear Zindagi'


It is a known fact that Shah Rukh Khan plays an extended cameo in Gauri Shinde's upcoming flick Dear Zindagi. He has now revealed as to why he agreed to be a part of the movie in the first place. SRK feels that the movie puts forward some very important questions before the society in a very sensitive manner without being preachy.

SRK during a press conference said 
"I will specifically say that we live in a man's world unfortunately. We talk about feminism and women empowerment. The beauty of this film is that without being preachy, a bunch of confident women have made this film which says that whatever, wherever, with whom ever a woman does anything that is correct without being judgemental on the same. So I feel this movie will leave an impression on men too."

SRK says he has never taken up such a role in 25-year of his glorious career.

"I am in an extended cameo in the movie. But even then, I feel I have never done such a role ever in my life. So I take this opportunity to thank both Gauri Shinde and Alia Bhatt for allowing me to be a part of this film. For me, being father to a 17-year-old girl and otherwise being person whose life and profession has been completely dependent on women, is the reason I am part of this film."

We can't wait to watch the movie!

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