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#ShaddiGuide: Know All About 'Saat Pheras' And Their Meaning!


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While we are excited to start our new life with the man of our dreams in an  enchanting setup. Have you ever wondered what Panditji says in all those rituals that include to make you wedded husband and wife. Well, we never dared to ask, right? But we always wanted to know what are those saat pheras for?
So, for those confused souls who have no idea what the saat pheras are about, we are here to help you decode it. Take some time out of your shaddi shopping and put some focus here as we unfold the real meaning of the pheras. 

What is Saat Phera about?

The ritual of Saat Phera  or Seven Vows are considered to be the most significant. It is taken around the holy fire and considered to be unbreakable. Every round holds it owns value and significance. It is after only these pheras, couple are declared as Husband and wife.
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Saat Phera & their Meaning!

#1 First Phera - Prayer for basic amenities in life!

The first phera that's been taken includes boy to take the lead and the wife follows him. In this first phera they both pray for basic needs to live a healthy life is fulfilled, They pray to the God above to give them strength and maturity to take the good with the bad. They promise to take good care of each other and understand ones need.
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#2 Second Phera - Strength

As they step forward  for the second round they pray to the almighty to give them strength and power to face happy and sad days together that life has to offer. They pray to God to give  them courage to protect each other and their family. It also involved the bond to become one and live a happy life together. 

#3 Third Phera - Prosperity 

This is one of the most important phera as in this one the husband and wife request the Gods above to give comfort and wealth to live a happy life together that too in an honest way. In this phera they also take vow  to share the sorrows and happiness of each other, and be the guiding pillar. They also promise each other to respect and  be in each others life no matte what.

#4 Fourth Phera - Family 

As they step forward to the fouth phera they pray and promise to take care of the elders and to stay with them, they pray Gods to bring auspiciousness in their life. The bride promises to devote her life to him and the groom promises to never cheat on her.
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#5 Fifth Phera - Children

In this phera the bride takes the lead and they pray to the almighty to bless them with heroic, kind and courageous children. They also pray the Gods to bless them with education and they grow up to become noble and respect all the values of life.

#6 Sixth Phera - Promise of Peace

The sixth phera incorporates the couple to promise each other that they will bring contentment and peace in their life.They vow to live a happy life always supporting each other, and being there in all the calamities life serves them.

#7 Saat Phera - Love & Friendship

The final phera includes the couple to vow in front of the sacred fire to be each other's best friend, They promise each other companionship, loyalty, trust and love for entire life. In presence of God and their elderly they promise each other to cherish each other and fight whatever comes their way. 
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