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Shah Rukh Khan Slays At The Launch Of His Book '25 Years Of A Life!


Here is a good news for all the die hard Shah Rukh Khan lovers, his biography is out for all of you to get the look inside the stars life written by Samar Khan. 25 years ago he came to Mumbai from Delhi to make a name and some money for him. He got candid at the launch of his book and shared some of his thoughts on completing 25 years in Bollywood. Here is what actor said, "An actor is just like water... he should just adapt the colour and shape. I believe the art is important, the artist is not. The art remains and not the artist and as an actor, I feel if I think like that I can work with some amount of purity. The purity will be retained if I believe that my art is important than myself,"
Reminiscing an era bygone he further said, "25 years in the film industry was a big dream for a boy who came from Delhi all those years ago. These years have been full of excitement, hard work and various ups and downs and this book is a tribute to all these film makers who believed in me and my dreams. I am extremely thankful to all my fans who have made me who I am today and would like to thank Royal stag mega music, Samar and everybody associated with this book,"
The actor also took to Twitter to thank  the writer Samar Khan for the amazing biography and how much his son Abram loved it.

So, all those who want to get an insight of Shah Rukh Khan's life, here is your chance to read all in the book by Samar Khan, 'Srk- 25 Years Of A Life'.

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