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SHOCKING: Truth Behind Ranveer Singh And Ranbir Kapoor's Chemistry On Coffee With Karan 5


People have been talking about Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh’s Koffee With Karan season 5 appearance. It was indeed a big deal as one is actress Deepika Padukone’s ex boyfriend and the other is her current love interest. Karan Johar as it is looks for guest combinatiions that would make people stay glued to his show! It was being said that Ranveer and Ranbir showed great chemistry and were super fun! But speculations are rife that all wasn't real and was only made up for the camera! Infact it is also being saidf that the whole episode was scripted, from punch lines to dancing on Katrina's Chikni Chameli.

As per body language experts of a popular bollywood website all isn't what it seems. The experts observed the pictures from the show and deduced that in most pictures both the actors have maintained certain space between them . There is no physical contact or chemistry whatsoever. And do not miss Ranbir’s hands packed in his pockets. Pocketed hands hint at the person’s unwillingness, mistrust and reluctance. Ranveer’s lowered head indicates a desire to make it harder for others to understand what he’s really thinking. And both the actors’ lowered eyebrows is also a sign of annoyance or sometimes displeasure.

This picture has stiffness and pain written all over it! If you catch Ranbir and Ranveer’s expression they have a serious impassive facial expression and they are concealing their true feelings about each other. Pursed lips suggests that the person has formed an opinion that is opposite to what is being said or done. It also hints at dissension. Also a look at Karan’s overall body language in this picture one can literally witness the tension. Ranbir continues to keep his hands tucked in the pockets like in the earlier pic which confirms he doesn't want to open up or reveal to much.

Check out the teaser and decide for yourself:

A video posted by J O R D A N (@we_love_ranbir) on

Why so much pretence boys??? We thought you guys were all cool and friends!

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