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5 Important Tips To Caring For Your Diamond Engagement Ring


Ever since my wedding day, it's my engagement ring that has become my super prized possession. Keeping it safe and sparkly is like running always in the back of my mind and after reading and researching a lot on 'HOW TO' care for your diamond engagement ring, I bring to you some of my fav tips that I am following or will follow religiously as the time goes by...

1. Get A Ring Insurance Done Right Away!
Considering our engagement ring's monetary and sentimental value, you should first get its insurance done. Opt for a policy that covers damage, theft or reimburse repair costs. Share the details of the ring with the policy provider such as its cut, carat weight, and metal along with the specified certificate from the jeweler to process the policy. This should always help incase of ANY kind of ring emergency!

2. Get The Prongs Checked
A loose setting can lead to a lot of troubles times ahead and that's why you must visit your jeweler every 6 months. Get the integrity of the prongs on your ring checked and also get your ring cleaned incase you think it's dirty!

3. Keep Your Engagement Ring Away From Chemicals 
I follow this religiously and think that every woman must do the same too. Don't wear your ring when you are working with dish washers, bathroom scrubs, or abrasive solutions like phenyl, lizol etc when it comes to household cleaning. These chemicals can dull the finish or damage the metal setting. 

4. Don't Wear Your Ring To A Swimming Pool
Again, if you are heading off to your honeymoon that has a pool villa or even an infinity pool at a beach destination, then avoid wearing your ring to the pool. The cold water shrinks your finger and if your ring is already loose then it can come off and even the chlorine content sometimes can erode the metal.

5. Store Your Diamond Ring Away From Other Jewels
Diamonds are really hard and they often scratch other gemstones hence you should store them separately. Keep your ring in a soft pouch or a jewellery bag or a zip lock pouch timely.

Last but not the least don't take off your diamond ring on the edge of a sink, or your kitchen sink for obvious reasons. Also, when you call it a day then remember to store your ring in a secure place and don't just place it any where on the dressing table for it can go missing (like several other jewllery pieces and more)

Oh, here's some sparkle from mine :)

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