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5 Ways To Make Your Year More Memorable Before It Ends!


2016 is about to end, and everyone is so excited, some for the e party, some to kick start their 2017 with new resolutions (which will brake within just a month). Well, no matter for what you are excited, the end is always beautiful, whether it's a your favourite book's end or year's end. There is something about it, that make us more cheerful and happy no matter how the whole year had gone. So, to make the last days count and save in your memory lane, we bring to you 5 awesome ways to make your year more memorable before it ends. 

#1 Plan a Re-union!
There is no better way to end this year by arranging a re-union for your friends. Re-connect with those with whom you lost contact over the years because of busy schedule. Call them in for some drinks and a chat. Reminisce the days bygone, and believe us you will feel happy deep down your heart.
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#2 Set up a Free Gift Stand!
While you are doing the regular cleaning before the New Year starts, you might have stumbled upon things you don't use anymore or lying in your closet without any new use. Our advice let it go, yes, before the year ends, set up a free gift stand in your locality and call in the needy ones and help them make start a Happy New Year, too.

#3 Spend your new year with the ones who have no one to call their own!
Ok! We know you want to party all day or simply spend your New Year at home, but think of those who have no one. Take some time out from your busy day and spend the time in the old age home or orphanage. Make them happy too. 
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#4 Plan a special meeting with your family!
While, we are so busy partying all day, we forget our own family and that they also want to spend time with us. So, plan an outing or activities that as family you all can enjoy and bond over it. You can spend some time at DIYing a project like Memeory Jar for your whole family. Or simply bake a cake at home together. You will surely have a laugh like old days.

#5 Deliver free food baskets to homeless kids!
Food is something that's not easily available to all, we are fortunate to be born in families that can afford it. So, think of other's too, those who are less fortunate, before the year ends, give them a reason to party, too. Simply deliver free food baskets to Homeless Kids. 
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Team Guiltybytes wishes all of you a very Happy New Year & don't forget to spread smiles..

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