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7 Ideas To Be The Best Bridesmaid In Your Best Friend's Wedding!


If your best friend is about to get married with whom you have spent glorious years of your life. The one who had known all your deep and dark secrets and the one who had stick through your thick and thin, needs you by her side for the biggest day in her life. So, here are 7 ideas to be the best bridesmaid in your best friend's wedding. 

#1 Plan a surprise bachelorette!
We are sure we all had once promised to throw an awesome bachelorette when any one of us get married. Now is the time just surprise her that you still remember it all.

#2 Be the helping hand!
Best friend are sisters from another mother. So, it becomes one of your first duty to help her in all the big and small needs. Help her distribute her wedding cards.

#3 Pre-wedding shopping!
You are bound to accompany her in her shopping days as you don't want to let her walk alone in the streets of chandni chowk without knowing the abc.

#4 Get hold of best lingerie for her!
Ok, often, brides ignore the lingerie shopping, but it's important for them. Help her find the best for some naughty fun.

#5 Help her plan the honeymoon!
Yes, if she is confused which place to go with her hubby-to-be, help her find the right place and book the best for some happy time.

#6 Themed bridesmaid shoot!
Take cues from our own Miss Guiltybytes and plan a bridesmaid shoot with your girlies.

#7 Click the best moment!
And this one is most important, capture all the candid shot for her  and with her.

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