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SCOOP: Bani J In Serious Trouble Over Her Past Comments On Monalisa And Manveer In BB10!


Bigg Boss is the house of entertainment. Lots of drama is happening inside the house. Now, according to the BOC reports, Bigg Boss showed a clipping to Monalisa that has left her shocked. Do you guys remember the episode when Bani had discussed with Rahul and Gaurav that she saw Monalisa and Manveer getting cosy in the bed when the lights went off. Infact, she elaborated the whole scene that she caught them in a forced position like they were getting intimate. After this clip, Manveer and Mona have got into an ugly fight with Bani. And everyone is discussing about the clip. 

We can't wait for the whole drama to unfold. Let's see how Bani reacts to this !!!  

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