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BB 10: Rohan Mehra's Girlfriend Kanchi Singh Gets Angry At Om Swami!


There is a lot of things going on inside the Bigg Boss house. Om Swami has been leaving no stone upturned to making the atmosphere worse. During the task of luxury Budget Swamiji cornered Rohan and tried attacking, even destroying the bathroom door inside which Rohan was hiding by kicking it repeatedly.
On this Rohan's Girlfriend lashes out at Swamiji and feels that has brought out the worst in Rohan. She said,"The luxury budget task of exchanging love letters ideally could have been really interesting hadn’t it been for Swami Om & Priyanka’s antics ruining the task with Bigg Boss stalling it. I can’t believe Swami almost the broke the bathroom door while Rohan was inside. I’ve never seen Rohan this angry before. That man must have some skills to get to make a rather calm & composed person so furious." 

She also added,"This must stop before Rohan loses his sanity. He’s playing the game really well & fans are out there giving him full support. He takes a stand & has never used foul language. Rohan’s outburst was just a reaction to an action. We’re all proud of him if that’s what it takes to deal with an insane person." 
What's your thought on this? 

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