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Bigg Boss 10: New Luxury Budget Task Puts Bani & Gaurav In Tight Spot And The Result Is Shocking!


Bigg Boss 10 contestants Monalisa, Gaurav Chopra, and VJ Bani had a joyous Christmas as they got safe from the eviction this week but they stay nominated for next week’s eviction. After some fun, now it’s time for the housemates to struggle and earn their luxury budget of the week.

Bigg Boss introduced the luxury budget task of the week that was solely depended on Gaurav Chopra and VJ Bani. For the task, Gaurav and Bani had to answer few questions asked by the viewers sitting in the confession room together. This task came with a twist! The questions that Gaurav and Bani were asked by the viewers were actually asked by their own housemates and this fact had to be kept a secret from both Bani and Gaurav. While Gaurav and Bani answered the questions in the confession room the housemates saw each answer through the TV in the living area. The housemates were then asked to decide if Gaurav and Bani were genuine with their answers and if they justified according to them. And guess how did the housemates react? The result of the task is quite shocking!

Apart from Rohan, all the housemates had an “NO” answer, as they felt Gaurav and Bani were not truthful with their answers. The housemates thereby lost the luxury budget task of the week for the 4th consecutive time and it left the housemates upset. 

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