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#BrideGuide: 5 Most Amazing & Important Tips To Style Your Wedding Lehenga!


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Dear Brides-to-be,
Once you step out of the house in search of perfect wedding dress, you will get tonnes of advises, suggestions and inspirations. While selecting the right lehenga out of all is a task in itself, things gets worse when you have so many people saying Naa-aah on your choice. Well, we had listed out 5 amazing and the most important tips to style your wedding lehenga. 

#1 Decide your look!
And by this we don't mean whether you want Meera Rajput's bridal look or Hazel keech's lehenga. We only mean you should have an idea what cuts and styles you want to flaunt, because seriously there won't be any time to do window shopping. Make your own Pinterest board and prep up your look. Decide whether you want to be a contemporary bride or modern bride.

#2 Think about the future of your lehenga!
Yeah, most of us ignore this one factor and buy something that's too heavy and makes it impossible to wear again. Make sure before you buy anything ask yourself how you are going to wear this in future. As there is no use of buying something that you aren't going to wear again.

#3 Just Drape it right!
The drape that looks awesome on your cousin won't necessarily look good on you. So, try out different drapes before, or simply just opt and make your own. Try and create some fusion drapes like mix bengali drape in your Punjabi wedding but instead of pinning up the pallu, let it fall.

#4 Experiment with the Seasonal Trend!
If you are a winter bride, opt for velvet lehengas or simply mix and match velvet with other fabrics, or if you are summer bride, select light fabrics that are breathable. Make sure you stick to the lighter palette.

#5 Don't overboard!
By this we simply mean you are a bride and not a Christmas tree, don't deck up yourself with heavy jewels and a more heavier lehenga. Relax, and try to make a balance with your outfit and jewellery. Also, make sure your makeup artist doesn't paint you all over. Stick to more natural tones while getting the glow right.

Happy Wedding!

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