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Guess Who Just Got Unexpectedly EVICTED From The Bigg Boss 10 House


So, this week, as we all know commoners Manveer and Nitibha have been nominated for eviction along with celebs Rahul Dev, Lopamudra Raut, and Bani J. The game in getting interesting yet unexpected with each passing week, which has made everyone difficult to guess who will be out of the show in this week’s eviction. Also, this week the nominated contestants have been the center of several controversies and fights.

We reveal to you who just got evicted from the show after spending weeks and weeks inside the house. Who do you think got evicted from the house this week?

Well its none other than celebrity Rahul Dev. This is a very shocking eviction and this was surely not audience were expecting. Well, Rahul has been playing an uninteresting game since weeks but his popularity is not less among his fans. Well, as a part of the show, one had to be evicted and this time, unfortunately, it was Rahl Dev.

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