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OMG: Priyanka Jagga Makes Shocking Revelation About Her Re-Entry In BB10!


It seems like not only contestants on Bigg Boss show come with strategies and mind games but even makers of the show have some pre-planned strategies in order to raise the TRPs of the show and keeping their viewers intact. But what has been revealed about Priyanka Jagga’s re-entry inside the house might leave you shocked.

Yes as per sources Priyanka Jagga was sent inside the Bigg Boss 10 house with some instructions that might reveal the dark side of the show. Well, Priyanka herself has made shocking revelations about her re-entry in front of the cameras while she was inside the secret room.

While talking to cameras inside the secret room, frustrated Priyanka Jagga shouts at the top of her voice and says that she followed the instructions that Bigg Boss had asked her to follow while re-entering the house. She also revealed that Bigg Boss asked her to be nice with all the contestants inside the house and get safe from the nominations. Now that’s quite shocking! Oh, now you remember why she was so good to her rival VJ Bani during the dome task?

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