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OMG! Swami Om Tries To STRANGLE Rohan Mehra In The Captaincy Task


During the igloo task, the one getting inside post a gong would be allowed to move ahead in the captaincy task. The first to lag behind in the race from the captaincy task was Monalisa , then Gaurav Chopra and Nitibha. Eventually Om Swami also lost the race but he would resort to his cheap antics and would now try his best to sabotage Rohan Mehra's game who is still in race to win the Captaincy task.

Om Swami will sit near the entrance stating that he wants to enjoy the process. But with the gong buzzing, Swami will rush to stop Rohan from entering the igloo. While doing so, he will almost strangle the poor boy. Shocked by his act, Rohan will create loose his cool. The housemates would also support him and lash out at Swami for his act. Swami would cry innocence and refuse to accept his folly.

This man needs to go! What do you guys think???

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