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The Best Volumizing Trick All Brides With Thin Hair Need To Try!


If you are a bride-to-be there are going to be many occasions to look your best, date with the man-to-be, shopping outing with in-laws or a simple dinner with the extended family. And you cannot run to the nearest salon on every other day. The problem increases if you have thin hair. Well, not anymore say bye to those flat thin hairs and try our ultimate trick (all you need is a toothbrush).

#1 Comb your hair well, part it down an inch away from your regular parting. It will help hiding the teased portion.

#2 Take a clean toothbrush and backcomb it. Gently tease the roots at the crown alongside of your parted hair. Why we recommend a toothbrush is because the bristles are soft and small which enables us to retain more control on our hair which normal hairbrush can't.

#3 Flip your part to the other side and tease it gently by repeating the same procedure.

#4 Now, with the help of a hairbrush part your hair again in a normal part.

Tadaa, You are ready!

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