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5 Makeup Hacks To Make Your Life Easy On Those Busy Days!


For all those makeup junkies, who love their makeup more than any other investment. And constantly on the lookout to update their makeup boxes. Then read on as we  tell you 5 makeup hacks to make your life really easy and to get the most from your makeup box.

#1 Re-use your mascara wand!
You brought a beautiful mascara with an amazing wand, once it finished, do not throw away the wand, clean it and re-use it again with your brand new mascara to let your lashes talk.
#2 Bronzer as Eye shadow!
While getting ready for a date, suddenly you realize you out of eye shadow, well worry not in that case your bronzer can work as an eye shadow. And make you look gorgeous.

#3 Use concealer as Eye Primer!
We always advice to use eye primer before doing your eye makeup, to let the makeup stay for long. However, if you do not want to invest in eye primer, use concealer, it will work as an eye primer and will help you give the clean canvas to work upon.

#4 Let your eye shadow to pop!
If you want to make your eye shadow pop, just simply use a white liner on your eyelids before applying the eye shadow. This tirck will work as magic and make your eye shadow pop.

#5 Re-use your broken eye shadow!
If you are having a broken eyeshadow with pretty that's making you hard to throw it away. Then hang on a second, and re-use it and make a lip gloss of it. All you need to do is crush the shadow into powder and add it in petroleum jelly, tadaa your lip gloss is ready.

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