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5 Tips To Avoid Chipping Your Nail Paint & Last Longer The Manicure Days!


We love dolling up ourselves for wedding or important functions. We paint our nails in the hottest and prettiest colours, but the moment you think your nail paint is dry and done, your nail paint ditch you and smudge off or get chipped. Well, it's the biggest disaster anyone can land into just before an important event or meeting. But have you ever wondered why this happens? Read on as we tell you 5 mistakes you often make while applying the nail paint.

#1 Prep up your nails!
Most of us often just put nail paints on prepared nails, without cleaning them. And it results into chipped nail paints. You need to provide with a clean base to let the nail paint stick on your nails for longer time. Clean it properly to remove any stains of old nail paints and dirt.

#2 Dry nails
Make sure you nails are clean and dry before you coat it with nail paint. If your nails are not dry, it will not let the nailpaint stick on it. So, before you start your nail art, clean and dry your nails.

#3 Put thin coats!
While putting your nail paint, don't put thick layers of paint instead opt for thin layers. It will help drying the paint soon, and your nails will look more gorgeous in those multiple coats. Also, thick layers of coat has a higher chance of chipping the nail paint.

#4 Base coat!
We often forget putting a base coat, but it's really important to make your nail paint stay for longer. Base coat not only prevents staining your nails, but also it work as a clear and defined surface for the paint.

#5 Let it dry & don't blow dry!
One mistake we all do, is blow drying nails. But our suggestion is to let your nails dry naturally, don't blow dry it, give it time to dry on its own. So, that the nail paint sticks on your nails. However, if you are in a hurry and want to dry your nails soon, try dipping them into an ice cold water.

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