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Bigg Boss 10: Nitibha Kaul Makes Some Shocking Revelations Post Her Eviction From The House


Nitibha Kaul survived 13 weeks inside the Bigg Boss 10 house, got evicted from the show after receiving least votes this week. She was not entertaining in the show but slowly she started interacting and participating more with everyone in the house. After her eviction she made some revelations about her journey inside the house. On her eviction she said, "I feel sad that I could not make it to the finale as I survived in the house for 90 days and so it’s disappointing. I would want to complete the journey that I started off with 14 days left but I am happy now as I can meet my friends, family and be normal about my life."

On Lopamudra and Bani's Fight,"I think it was a fault of both..Bani started off with little personal comments on makeup and all but I thought it was for fun and it should not be taken personally. Lopa spoke more personal than Bani like lip injection, Botox, about her mom, which was quite bit*cy… Bani should have also not reacted and I think that reaction turned out to be uglier. If Bani would have not reacted, Lopa would have been seen in bad phase to the audience. If I was in her place I would have surely not talked about anyone’s mom as Bani’s mom has cancer and it does not look nice. Lopa should have talked only till the level of Bani about makeup and all."

After Nitibha's eviction, Bani will be alone. On this she said,"Yes, I think so as I was leaving she had tears in her eyes and in fact, she even wrote something on my family picture with kajal…She had told me that I hope and pray that you don’t go as we have spent so much time together but I told her, she can survive as when Gaurav Chopra was out, she did it."

She also talked about her relationship with Manveer Gurjar,"I have no idea why everyone is asking me the same thing…there is nothing such between us, we are just friends….We stay 24 hours in the house but you people watch only 45 minutes episode..we become naughty, do flirty talks, laugh together, so there is nothing such it was all fun and game….Yes, Manveer used to give me special attention by teasing me that am so fair and I look like a foreigner… I think everything between us was cute and in friendship. There was nothing that he feels extra for me or I feel something more for him. It was all fun."
According to her, Manveer and Bani can win. 
We have to wait for this!! 

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