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Bigg Boss 10: Find Out How Monalisa Reacted On Karan Johar's Unpleasant Comment On Her Marriage!


Recently, Monalisa got married to her boyfriend Vikrant in Bigg Boss house. All arrangements were made by the show makers. Yesterday, Karan Johar came on the Bigg Boss show and said that he would sign Mona Lisa for a film deal, which will last longer than her marriage. When told about it to Mona said, "I haven't seen the show, but if he has said that I am happy, because it means the deal will last for years and years. I know that my marriage will be long lasting." 

About being offered money to get married she says, "It's sad that people think like that. It's the best day of my life, why should I take money for that. People making fun like this is not good. Vikrant and I know each other for eight years and were planning to get married anyway. He decided everything in consultation with my parents and I am very happy to have got married on TV, with the whole country witnessing it."

Monalisa got eliminated yesterday from the show and we wish her all the luck for her future!

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