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Bigg Boss 10: Makers Of The Show To Take Legal Action Against Om Swami!


The makers of the controversial reality show Bigg Boss 10 have geared up for the grand finale episode. The episode will be held on January 29. The 10th season of the show was much in the limelight than expected. And all thanks to the two so-called ‘commoners’, Om Swamiand Priyanka Jagga. Following the incidences of violence, Priyanka and Om Swami were kicked out of the show by the makers when things turned ugly. Ever since Om Swami has come out of the Bigg Boss 10 house, he has been making irrational claims like to have slapped Salman Khan and much more. He even went on to say that the show is scripted. Also, that housemates have been given a personal room for privacy. He made some unbelievable allegations against star host Salman Khan. Om Swami claimed Salman Khan has AIDS, got married in London and has a daughter too!

Recently he even made a shocking statement of breaking bones of Salman Khan if he was not allowed to be present in the grand finale of the show. He said, “Deshdrohiyon ke finale me hum aag lagane aa rahe hain. Salman Khan ki haddiyan todne jaayenge (I am coming to set fire to the finale of these anti-nationalists. I am going to break Salman Khan’s bones).”
According to the reports of an online portal,"Endemol is in talks to take a legal action against this controversial man and are yet to take a final decision over the same. It’s time to give Om Swami a taste of his own medicine."
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