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Bigg Boss 10: Nitibha Kaul Talks About Her Relationship WIth Manveer Gurjar!


Nitibha Kaul survived 13 weeks inside the Bigg Boss 10 house and got evicted from the show after receiving least votes last week. She was initially not very entertaining in the show but slowly she started interacting and participating more with everyone in the house. Recently, Nitibha talked about her relationship with Manveer. She said,"We did have issues towards the end when I thought he got a little complacent about the whole equation. But I guess that’s also natural because when you are friends with someone you have some expectations, and if one person doesn’t live upto that, you feel hurt. And you confront the person, but because the situation in the house is so stressful, you tend to quarrel over the smaller issues, which you otherwise won’t have if you were outside. I think it’s all natural and I am glad we sorted it out before I left the house."

She also wants to see Manveer as a winner,"The answer is quite obvious, Manveer. But if not Manveer, then I would want Bani to win."

We second you Nitibha!

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