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Brides! 5 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Nail Extension


Dear brides-to-be,
If you have decided to get an Instagram worthy nail extension for your big day, then hang on a second and think again. As it might not be a good choice to opt for your D-day. If you still don't believe us, then read on as we tell you 5 problems that are bound to happen with nail extensions.

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#1 A normal gel nail paint is lot better than plastic nail extensions!
No matter how pretty and cute does these nail extensions look, it will not last out for long. The nail extensions are plastic and hence it gets dried soon, as our nails don't have the oil to help them stay. So, the best option is to stick to gel nail paint, as they are easy to apply and won't create much problem.

#2 Say no to finger food!
If you still want to go for nail extension on your big day, then forget eating finger food for as long as your nail extensions are on. The food stick to the underside of the finger's nail. And the only way to get it out is using a Q tip. Wosh! Imagine getting something stuck in your nails while eating with your groom.

#3 Thought the application is painless but wearing them is not!
While you are getting your nail extension done, you might not feel any pain. But once you start wearing it, you will feel them struck everywhere, coming off with lot of pain that can last for few weeks.

#4 You cannot remove it on your own!
Remember, it's not a real nail, but a plastic one glued on your real nails. You just cannot take a cutter start cutting it, You need to make an appointment with the nail studio to remove it. If you are thinking of pulling it on your own, your nails will get weak and it will be a very painful process.

#5 Hand cream is  a must!
You just cannot get out without applying a hand cream, as the area around your nails get super dry. But once you apply the hand cream, things get better also your nail extension will shine.

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