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Brides! Here Is Your Complete Guide To Choose The Right Nail Paint According To Your Skin Tone!


While running in and out for shaddi preparation, we generally don't get time to go for a proper manicured hands. Instead we opt for any random nail paint, and picking the right colour becomes a task in itself. So, to make your life little simple we are here with a complete guide to choose the right colours to flatter your skin tone. Read on and get started.

#1 Fair skin tone
Finding the right colour for a fair skin tone is a hard choice as you want hues that compliment you rather makes your hand look wash out. So, here are colours that will make your hands look more gorgeous. We advise you to opt for colours that have cool silver tone to it. Though every colours looks great on you, but there are some exceptions that make your hand look more goregous.
The best shade that will look great on your is hues of pink, light purple, most of shades of blue and a faded red.
You should definitely without any doubt avoid putting a very dark shade on your hand like black, green, dark blues and orange.
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#2 Wheatish Skin tone
If you are blessed with a wheatish skin tone, then girl you are lucky, as you can easily sport any colour without getting conscious.
You can choose bright colours like hot pinks, orange, yellow can really make your hand look beautiful without any doubt and much effort. Also, golden colour will look amazing on your hands and silver will make your hand look more young.
Well, as we told you already, this is the skin tone which can carry off any colour easily. But you should avoid dark purple, navy blues and a dark blood red colour.
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#3 Dark Skin tone
For the dark skin tone bride, to make your hand look more gorgeous, you can carry off most of the rich, royal dark hues.
Colours that will make your skin look more gorgeous are burgundy,  bright orange and pink colours makes your skin more beautiful. You can also carry of bright shades to make your hands look chic and in style and dark colours can make your hand look glamorous.
Dark shin tones should pastel shades as they tend to make your hand look more dark. Also colours like silver and neon make your skin look dull and lifeless, so it's better to avoid it.

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