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Brides! Here Is Your Ultimate Guide To Combat Dry Scalp In Winters!


While no matter how beautiful and romantic winters sound, it has it's own share of problems, that are ah some times hard to handle, like dry scalp in winters. Well, for a bride-to-be all set to tie knot in the cold weather, it becomes a huge problem. After all who wants to face the problem of dry scalp on their wedding day or soon after it.
As we know winters can really make our scalp dry or even worsen the already existing situation. So, to combat we have prepared a list of remedies you can list to fight the dry scalp.

Know all about Dry Scalp!
Dry scalp is nothing but the small white flakes that's caused by the cold temperature. Also, it includes itchiness and tightness with the dryness. But don't confuse it with dandruff. Dry scalp leaves your hair lifeless, dull, frizzy and the problem increases if you don't take precautions soon.

How to solve the problem?
- Massage your scalp!
Believe it or not but the first thing that makes your hair healthy is properly shampooing your hair, because if you shampoo in a rush, chances are you will be left with dull, boring hair without any shine. Those suffering from dry scalp needs to massage scalp with a soft bristle hair brush, to remove the build up oil and dead cells.

-Homemade hair masks!
The reason why our moms and  their moms constantly stress over oiling hair is because it helps keep the hair moisturized naturally and maintain the balance. So, before washing your hair, do a coconut oil chumpy a night before. You can also make a homemade mask using coconut oil and honey masks. It will do wonders to your hair.
Our tip: No matter what type of hair masks you choose, try it once a week till you notice some improvement.

The best Shampoos for Dry Scalp
- Moisturizing shampoos like Pantene Pro-V Weekly Deep Cleanse Purifying Shampoo is the right choice and advised by most hair professionals. it not only properly cleanse the scalp but also provides the moisture to your hair.

- You can even use some natural shampoos which include tea tree ingredient.  Tea Tree has been proved to remove the oil buildup and eliminates excessive dry skin. The best shampoo you should give a try to Jason's Tea Tree Scalp Normalizing Shampoo. It will surely help you fight the dry scalp.

To keep your hair healthy!
- Excessive hair wash, can lead to a problem of dry scalp, itchiness and flakiness in your hair.
- Include fatty acids in your diet to keep your hair healthy. In winters minimize your coffee and alcohol.
- Keep yourself hydrated and drink more water in winters.

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