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Is Mona Lisa Not Interested In Meeting Manu Punjabi After Bigg Boss?


Nobody thought Monalisa would last in the Bigg Boss house for so long. Even her bf and now, husband Vikrant Singh Rajpoot had predicted that she will be out within two weeks. But the Bhojpuri actress defied all odds and lasted in the house till second last week. Sadly she got eliminated a week prior to finale. She may not have made it to the finale, but she has had memories like no other in the house. Mona who was single when she went inside the house, has come out as a married woman! She and Vikrant got hitched inside the house with full pomp and show. Monalisa talked at length about her much talked about friendship with Manu and if she would want to meet him later after the show. Mona said:

"I felt bad when people tried finding malice in our friendship. When you are staying in a house 24/7, you need to talk to somebody to survive. And some people you get closer to more than the others. I am a fun-loving girl by nature, and so is Manu. Masti mazaak nahi karenge toh rahenge kaise? Moreover, we were both sorted. At the beginning itself, he told me about his fiance and I told him about Vikrant. Now, I am out and I will be busy with the shoot of my pending films and when Manu will come out, he too will get busy with his work. When you are inside the house 24/7, you have to talk, but that cannot always be maintained out of the house."

Well that seems like Mona isn't very keen on keeping the friendship alive between her and Manu. That's the story of reality shows we think! 

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