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Om Swami Went On Live TV & Made Some Shocking Accusations After Being Kicked Out From BB10


Om Swami got kicked out from the Bigg Boss house after he threw his pee on Rohan and Bani. Yuck! The self proclaimed God man doesn’t even regret doing it. Now, Swami Om went Live with Sudarshan news channel and accused BB house and Salman Khan of shocking and unimaginable things.
Swami called Salman an ISI Agent and plotting to destroy Hindu religion! He also accused the contestants of spiking his food and mixing it with drugs. He also accused the makers of supplying drugs to the female contestants inside the house. He went on to say that the makers made the girls do wrong things and indulge in lewd activities. He also said that they threatened to kill him and that is why he was doing all that he did in the house.

He revealed that Bani slept with Jason Shah for four days. Can you believe it? Just when you think he can't stoop any lower he goes a step ahead and proves you wrong!
These accusations are beyond disgusting! We think this man needs urgent medical attention and needs to be locked up forever. Why would a news channel even invite such a man to their show we fail to understand!

Your thoughts???

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