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The Ultimate Guide To Choose The Right Eyebrow Shape To Flatter Your Face!


Do you had days when you are sitting at the salon seat, ready to shape your brows but all confused, and going with the flow, without knowing what brows look best on you. Well, we all had been there. We know nothing about our eyebrow shape, we simply go to a salon and ask them to shape our brows.

We forget that just like haircuts, eyebrows too doesn't look same on all the face types. The right brow shape according to your face cut will not only make you look beautiful but also it will help to maintain the balance, accentuate your eye area, and giving you more scope to look your best. So, here we are with our ultimate guide to shaping the right eyebrow to flatter your face. Scroll down & get the brows of your life.

#1 The Round Shape
For the round shape beauties, you have a square jaw, so make sure you style your brows in a softly round shape. Don't go for a shape that's are too curvy, and don't even go for a perfect round shape. Just keep the shape softly round.
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#2 Round Shape!
Dear round shape beauties one thing you need to make sure when styling your brows is keep them rightly angular. As your face cut is round which mean there is no definition in overall face, so add it with your brows. You can opt for higher arch, as it will look amazing on your face, just don't go for a round shape. 
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#3 The long face
If you are the one blessed with long face, make sure you stretch out the tails of your brows to add the horizontal line on your face. Go for any shape but just remember to extend your eyebrows.
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#4 Heart shape
The heart shape beauties should always keep their eyebrow well groomed, and edgy. Just make sure you don't go for extremely thin brows as they are never in, and doesn't look good on heart shapes. Keeping your eyebrow well groomed will keep your face balanced with the smaller jawline.
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#5 Oval shape
The oval shape should always opt for a classic, balanced brows a slight arch will look perfect on you. Keep your brows well balanced and your face will look amazing.
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