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We Bring You 5 Of Our Favorite Moments From Priyanka Chopra's Episode On Koffee WIth Karan Episode!


Yesterday, Priyanka Chopra graced the couch of Koffee With Karan season 5 and we have to say that she totally nailed it. She not only was super fun and a sport but she also made some shocking revelations. We bring to you 5 of our favorite moments from the episode:

#1. When Priyanka Denied Rumors About Dating Tom Hiddleston:
Priyanka Said," I Was Presenting with Tom Hiddleston at the Emmy's and the tabloids made a big deal out of it.
On this Karan said,"But he is the night manager".
Priyanka,"So? He Can manage the nights. I only met him for 10 minutes".

#2. Karan: How Do you deal with unwanted male attention?
Priyanka:" I just giggle a lot. Then I find someone across the room. And leave the guy with 'hold that thought, I'll be right back. "

#3. Karan: What's the difference of approach between men here and abroad?
Priyanka: Over there, man ask you, straight up, "I am free tomorrow night, let's go for a dinner. And I'm like wow, I don't even know you. Men there, throw me off".

#4. Karan: "Have you ever gotten dressed for roleplay in bed"?
Priyanka: I don't make such efforts.
Karan: I haven't either because these costumes won't fit me".

#5. Karan: "Have you ever taken a shower with your partner? "
Priyanka: "My mother better not watch this show".

We totally loved yesterday's episode. Priyanka was on fire!!!

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