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3 Lesser Known Makeup Brands To Look Gorgeous On Your Wedding!


All those makeup loving brides, who knows what brand suits them well, and what brand they can't live without. And take pride in perfecting those winger liner. If you are too one of them, simply scroll down as we tell you 3 lesser known makeup brands with amazing quality product, you can't miss. So, get gorgeous!

#1 SUVA Beauty
They have wide range of shimmers from tangerine to resort, hydra liner pots with almost all colours possible.
Buy there collection Here!
A post shared by SUVA BEAUTY (@suvabeauty) on

A post shared by SUVA BEAUTY (@suvabeauty) on

#2 L.A Girl Cosmetics!
You must check out this brand for some amazing face products, great eyeliner range and gorgeous eye shadows. The brand is easily available on Nykka.
Buy them Here!

#3 Nyx Cosmetics
They are easily available on Nykaa, and have become one of the well known brands in India. They have a long lasting range of eyeliners to concealers, hence they are on everyone's radar list.
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