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3 Tried & Tested Home Remedies For Brides Fighting Dark Spots!


Dear brides, 
While the biggest problem at hand you might be facing is to select your wedding dress, but you forget there is another big problem you haven't noticed yet. Taking care of your skin once the wedding date is announced is really important and in midst of it you face the fight of getting rid of dark spots. You start using expensive creams and facials but nothing works in your favour. Well, hang on a second and start scrolling as we tell you 3 tried and tested home  remedies to fight dark spots. 

#1 Lemon and Milk!
This one is one of the most loved and easiest home remedy. Just take milk in a bowl and slice a lemon, now dip the lemon in milk and apply it on your face. The lemon will cut of dirt and dark marks and makes your skin clear, while milk will lighten the dark spot and make your skin bright. 

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#2 Potatoes!
Potatoes are again great for your skin. It naturally lightens your skin colour and fights dark spot. It heals scars and fades away the spots. Also, it adds the glow to your skin and makes it radiate. Just take a potato peel it off, grate them in a bowl and add honey to it, now dip your fingers in the paste and put it on your skin. 
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#3  Turmeric Paste!
There is a reason why we have haldi ceremony is held just before tying the knot. Turmeric naturally heels acne, fades away the dark spot and make our skin glow. Also, it act as a natural bleach add clears the facial hair if any. Just add 2 tbsp on turmeric powder in a bowl , now sprinkle 2 tbsp on milk in it and mix it well too form a thick paste, you can even add lemon juice over it for better result. Now directly apply it on your skin and wait till it gets dried. Tadaa all the dark spots are gone.
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