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4 Amazing Songs Your Whole Family Can Dance To On Your Sangeet Night!


Sangeet nights are loved by all - music, dance, drinks and endless fun for both bride and  the groom. Also, not to forget the cutest performance by your friends and cousins. But often Mom-dad, dada-dadi, are left behind to just applaud. So, to make them dance on the beats, we had listed out top 4 songs that will surely make your whole family come on the floor to shake some booty. 

#1 Nachde Ne Saare
You just cannot say no to this song. It's sweet and calls in your whole family to dance on the beats. Also, the signature step is so cute, imagine your whole family performing on it.

#2 London Thumkda 
No matter how old it gets, this song has become one of wedding anthem. We love the beats and the steps that are so easy to have fun on. So, come on ask your whole family to show their best thumkas.

#3 Laung Da Lashkara
Another old one, but this one is really good. Laung Da lashkarawill let your whole family to dance on to the beats of patiala peg laga ke

#4 Banno Tera Swagger 
Here is one great song to call in all the ladies in the house, and ask them to move a leg on.

So, what's your favourite song to dance with your whole family?

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