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5 Awesome Eye Liner Hacks You All Must Know To Look Your Best!


We all know makeup is an art, practiced by all but mastered by only few. It requires so much patience, effort and time to draw a simple line on your eyes to look your best. But it's not easy for all and we can relate how difficult it becomes at times to get your liner wings perfect. So, to help you out, we bring you 5 eye liner hacks to make your liner game strong.

#1 Ditch the black liner and opt for taupe liner!
Well, all those who love their black extra dark liner, ditch them for a while and opt for the taupe liner. You might be thinking will this colour be visible, when put on. Well, it does and is a perfect choice to add on some drama to your look. It makes you eyes look bigger and better which black eyeliner doesn't.
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#2 Eye shadow for long lasting liner!
Do your liner smudge quickly, no matter how good it is, well, then here is a hack for you all. Make sure to apply eye shadow of the same colour, so that the harsh lines gets balanced and your liner stays for long. This trick will not let your liner smudge even in sweaty days.
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#3 Trace your eyes with the pencil liner first!
If you aren't expert in getting your liquid liner on point, then hang on a second and pick your pencil liner and trace with it, once done put on your liquid liner. Though it's bit time consuming but will surely give you best result. 
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#4 Nude liners to the rescue!
Nude liners are famous for making the eyes look big and fresh. Well, but not many know it can be used to correct the mistakes as well. It will sharpen edges and uneven lines without making you remove the whole liner and start again. 
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#5 To perfect the winged liner!
Frankly not all of us get the wings right, but still we try no matter how many times we fail. But this hack will surely make you a master in winged liner. All you need to do is take a post it note and stick it on your eyes. It will help you direct the right winged line on your eyes. 
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