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5 Awesome Valentines Day Makeup Ideas Everyone Must Try!


Valentines Week is here, and everyone is too excited to celebrate it with their loved ones and the girl gang. So, no matter whether you have finalized you Valentines Day outfit or not, we bring you 5 awesome makeup looks that goes perfectly well with every outfit and will make your man go weak on his knees. 

#1 A touch of pink with bold lashes.

A photo posted by SALON LUXE (@olla_makki) on

#2 Or get bold with the red lip and nude eyes!

A photo posted by Katheartist (@katheartist) on

#3 How about some nude love to your makeup, with a blush pink dress.

#4 You can even have fun with the glitter, just add some with your cat eyes.

#5 Or simply have fun with the girl next door look.

A photo posted by Sophia (@sophia_bu) on

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