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5 Simple Ways To Spice Up Your Look For Your Sister's Wedding!


Your sisters is getting married, you got to look your best as you will be in the limelight, too. However, if you are bored with the usual look you always carry, and want to try something different, then what are you waiting for. Don't worry a little change never harms anyone, and you need to add some spice to your look to have fun in the weddings. Here we are helping you out with our 5 easy ways.
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#1 Fakes Lashes! Yes, Yes!
Don't get afraid of  trying things out of your comfort zone, like a falsie lashes. Believe us it will add instant glow to your over all look, and make everyone top for a while. Since, you are sister of the bride, you can easily wear this in shaddi too.

#2 Haircut that doesn't cost much!
A simple haircut can add all the charm to your look, but we suggest you to play with the bangs, and get fringe to your hair, it will instantly up your fashion quotient.

#3 Try Hair Extensions!
If you are having thin hair, how about giving hair extension a try, it will make you look more beautiful. And will add on to your look.

#4 Make shimmer your best friend!
If you are one of those matte crazy girl, then give matte a break and make shimmer your best friend, as it will not only give you a fresh feeling, but also it will keep your fashion forward.

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#5 Get Fusion Ready!
On your sister's wedding leave the traditional lehenga choli. rather opt for some fusion wear that compliments you and will make everyone wonder where did you get it from.

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  1. Such an amazing inspiration. Thanks for the tips.