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7 Celebrity Looks We Loved & Every Girl In Twenties Must Get Inspired From!


For many years Bollywood has been our source of Inspiration from fashion outfits, to latest makeup trends, updo and shaddi tamjhaam. And thanks to social media, we get to see their best of fashion. We had listed top celebrities and their fashion statement for every girl in her twenties. So, scroll down and update your wardrobes with the best celebrity fashion.

#1 Anushka's you go girl look is totally inspiring and kick ass. the jewel tone shade is a huge hit this year.

A photo posted by Allia Al Rufai (@alliaalrufai) on

#2 Alia Bhatt's knotted pant style is what you must have a closer look at, and invest in this season. Don't forget your hair girls!

A photo posted by Ami Patel (@stylebyami) on

#3 Look at the ruffled top Anushka is sporting effortlessly, loved her heels.

#4 Cape jumpsuits are a new way to glamorize your jumpsuits games and Deepika Padukone is sizzling in this white beauty.

A photo posted by Shaleena (@shaleenanathani) on

#5 You can't say no to a starry jacket when you are a star. Get inspired from Alia and incorporate it in your wardrobe too, for some casual day out.

A photo posted by Ami Patel (@stylebyami) on

#6 Whits are not just in but it's high on fashion statement, and a white on white trend is just perfect. Steal it from Deepika Padukone and incorporate it for a formal date night.

A photo posted by Shaleena (@shaleenanathani) on

#7 Satin are also in this season, so don't forget to add one satin beauty in your closet.

A photo posted by Ami Patel (@stylebyami) on

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