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Girls! Here Are 10 New Ways To Style Your Ponytails For Official Meetings To Lazy Day Outs!


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We gave up on ponytails when we were sixteen and never get back on it. But the latest ponytail trends will make you want to try it once, as they are so in, and makes you look ready instantly. Well, we know ponytails are boring, tightly tied at the back with no scope of experimentation. However, a little twist or switching your elastic with a thin braid will up your pony game. So, scroll down as we tell you 10 ways to style your ponytails for official meetings to lazy day outs with your girl gang.

#1 The looped pony to add an interesting twist to your overall look!

#2 The puffed pony tail is your go to style for a busy office day.

#3 Messy pony tail for perfect date night look!

#4 This relaxed pony tail looks so good with a pant suit, befriend it for your official meetings.

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#5 The Braid high pony tail, for sporty days.

#6 Easy to style pony tail for days when you are late to work!

#7 A fancy ponytail for a date night with your loved!

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#8 You can never go wrong with this formal tie back ponytail!

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#9 When it doubt, spice up your pony game with the braid!

#10 Simple pony with a dutch braid!

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